Thursday, 1 June 2017

Eggs' Corner Shop: New floor tiles!

Eggs' house, like Mei's, had the biggest interior revamp since the update. In my current dream address, Eggs only has an extra room in the back, an upstairs, and a basement. I added a grocer and a thrift store to the bottom floor quite some time ago, but I changed the flooring since then so I'll do a Before & After of those rooms as well.

The biggest difference is the flooring for each of the rooms. I was inspired by all the beautiful Peranakan tiles I saw in the shophouses on my recent trip to Melaka. It reminded me of the tiles in my parents home in Cambodia (which is a mixture of Khmer and French colonial influence), but a lot more intricate. Peranakan or Baba-Nyonya refers to the descendants of Chinese immigrants that settled in now Malaysia and Singapore. The architectural style features indoor courtyards, colourful tiles, and remnants of colonial influences. It was hard to get everything to look exactly the way I imagined it because of the limited furniture choices, but I'm happy with the way it turned out. It was also the first time I made tiles! I thought they would be really difficult to make but it turned out to be surprisingly easy (there was lots DS flipping and turning involved). 

Main Cafe Area: Before

This is what the main cafe area looks like in the current dream update. When I revisited to take these pictures, I was shocked at how much I dislike the way I made it back then. It just looked way too cluttered and cramped, especially since the green chairs are so bulky.

I used the classic table (refurbished to chocolate) and the exotic chairs instead of the green chairs and flower tables. I honestly miss the flower tables a little because they are so funky and cute but at least I got to use some in Mei's house. I kept the plant partitions but I removed the snack machine and sprout table (obviously because they didn't match) which opened up a lot of space. It looks so much more sophisticated, yay.

Before: Extra seating area

This was the extra seating area in the back with a cozy autumnal feel. Despite really liking this room (I freaking love small spaces), it was completely different from the main cafe area which bothered me a lot. It didn't really go with the new revamp either, so I decided to change it completely.

After: Garden shop and extra seating area 

Extra seating for two in the back next to an indoor rock pool

Shop area with the view of the rock pool in the back

Another shop area to the left with the cashier
This was probably the biggest room change, most notably because the room size got maxed out. I wanted it to look like an indoor courtyard in a Peranakan style house. Originally, the gardening corner was in Mei's bed&breakfast. The shop itself looks smaller because I spread the plants out around the room and just put the main greenhouse box and flower case in the front. There was space to put more tables and flowers in the front but I didn't want to make it look too cluttered. K.K. Lullaby is playing in the background.

Before: Village Grocer

This is a new room that's not in the current update. Before I redid the whole place with tiles, this is what the village grocer looked like. I love the kitchen tiles because it looks almost exactly like the ones at home. Here you can buy all sorts of luxurious food stuffs like... cheese, bread, chocolate bars...

After: Villager Grocer with new tiles 

And here's the new room with the hand drawn-tile treatment! The items sold are relatively the same, except I changed the canned foods to fresh vegetables and I moved the cheese to the back (maybe a bad idea... would it melt in the sun?) and replaced it with a giant wedding cake.

Before: Thrift Store

This is the other new room... it's a thrift store! I love the way the herringbone floor and groovy wall looks together,!

After: Thrift store with new tiles

Aaaand the new tiles! I replaced the ranch hutch and modern wood table display with an old sewing machine and turntable. The old sewing machine is actually very fitting since it's a common heirloom passed down to a lot of Chinese families, mine included. The sewing machine part is not really used anymore, but the legs are a common antique used to refurbish into end tables, otherwise the whole thing is used for decoration.

Before: Eggs' Room

Here's Eggs' personal room upstairs in the current update. I actually don't remember why I made a character with the name Eggs besides the fact that I love eggs... Despite not really liking the Egg furniture series I decided to use them because it went with his name. It made his character look quite childish, kind of like Mei. I don't know if I liked that idea since he runs so many sophisticated businesses downstairs, but I didn't want to make it look too "pretty" like the other newer rooms with the new floor tiles. 

After: Eggs - matured

I compromised by keeping his room different to the main rooms but used one of my unused tile designs to refurbish his furniture. I really love how the modern bed and lamp looks like customised, but I really wish there were more base colour options! I kept the two rolling closets there but removed all the egg stuff and replaced it with some orange coloured furniture like the refurbished patchwork set. I took out his giant drum set but kept his guitar and moved his computer. I used the sunflower stereo in Mei's room so I replaced it with a sloppy stereo. 

Before: Basement bar

*Deep breath* almost there. Here's how the basement bar and music venue looks in the current dream update. I used black box seats and the brown seat. I thought the sleek set was perfect for a bar, especially those stools. The light sources are basically just the stain glass lamp, juke box, and a stain glass window (unseen). 

After: Basement bar.. Wong Kar Wei style

Finally, here's what it looks like now! I transformed it into a hidden piano bar with Wong Kar Wei-esque lighting. I love how custom tile designs look on the wood stools (I used it in Charlie's cabin too). I was able to reuse the black box seats and kept a few of the sleek set since the black matched. I moved the synthesizer out as it didn't really fit the theme and changed it to a classic upright piano. I'm glad I was able to use the tranquil bridge somewhere because it was a pretty impulsive RV purchase. 

Next post will be Charlie's cabin transformation and then all rooms will be completed! 

Friday, 26 May 2017

Jules' House: Before & After

Jules' house is the only "realistic house" just for herself. I wanted to keep it small and cozy but still include all the basic amenities of a house. The biggest change is the basement and second floor.

Before: Living room / Kitchen / and Sleeping nook 

Before when I was going with the theme of a true "tiny house" I kept her bed in the main floor right behind the bookshelf and staircase dresser partition. I used the cabin chair to blend in with the exotic set and the furniture.

The corner behind the couch was my records collection and turntable. I hung some of my favourite songs/covers on the wall, ironically none of them were playing and K.K. Lament was used as my main room song (which is also one of my favourites). 

My kitchen is pretty much exactly the way it is before. I just removed the cutting board (having food out kind of bothered me, lol)

After: Living room with a reading nook 

And here's the revamped version. After taking the bed out the "nook" area seemed very deep and hard to decorate, so I decided to put another bookshelf in the back and make it into a little reading nook. I replaced the record corner and put a medicine cabinet and the exotic table that was previously next to the exotic bed. I moved my record collection upstairs but changed the turntable to a phonograph. The minimalist chair now has an ottoman so I can stick my feet out while I watch TV! I replaced the cabin chair with a box stool and a round cushion! Oh yeah, and I adopted a Poogie. 

Before: Bathroom

My bathroom is also the same save for the sink and the floor tiles

After: Bathroom 

I also added the towel basket and moved the towel rack over. There's also a bathrobe hanging by the window. 

Before: Jules' Study 

In the current dream address, the top room is Jules' study/office. It was nautical themed and looked like my grandpa's office rather than something I would use.

After: Jules' bedroom

Jules' closet and changing nook 

I decided to give Jules a room of her own upstairs. I moved her exotic bed upstairs as well as her record collection. I moved the synthesizer in Eggs' basement to Jules' room. I don't play the piano anymore but I've always wanted to be part of a modern funk band so there's my little dream manifested into my game. I actually do play the saxophone but I couldn't find a nice place to put it. I tried to include all of my favourite items in the game, which includes the snail clock, Joyousness by Paul Gaugain, Rococo lamp, and the sapling clock! 

Before: Basement and laundry room

The basement was originally the laundry room and storage room. I had a full screen TV down there (yep the retro one upstairs is just for looks). 

After: Jules' restoration workshop and studio

Jules sells fakes to Redd on the side
Drafting table with a glimpse of her personal collection

Behind the glass partition is the restoration workshop
Jules restoring a decorative plate piece

Despite being the only character with a full house (and an actual job as mayor), I decided to give Jules her own little side job like the other characters as well. Jules' side occupation is a little sketchier. She works in art restoration (one of my many dream jobs as a kid) but also uses her skills to deal forgeries to Redd. The first half of the studio is where she keeps her fakes in storage as well as a nook for her drafting table and personal collection. Through the glass partition is her workshop. I used the tool stand from Cyrus' RV for the paints and I'm just going to pretend those cans of food and items in the medicine cabinet are actually oil paints or something like that. The workshop even has a washout station with some cleaning supplies in the cart! 

Jules' house is very special to me. I have moved around so much and don't have many things to call my own so coming back to this little house makes me happy. It reminds me of my parents' and my childhood home and a house that I would like to live in the future. 

Next up: Eggs and Charlie! 

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Mei's B&B: New Retro Look!

I'm planning on finally updating Tinytree's DA sometime in the summer month this time around. Currently it is set in Autumn during a beautiful orange sky. The look of the town will be pretty much unchanged save for a few PWP changes and trees chopped down to make the town feel less cramped. The biggest changes will be the interior of the houses. New themes, more rooms and room ideas. So much decorating to do!

I'm about 98% finished with Mei's B&B revamp. Previously it was a fairly themeless B&B with a couple rooms to rent (occupied by stuffed bears littered around the house). Now I've settled on a retro/kitschy look throughout the whole house. It has a name now, "Mei & Mom's BnB", with a signage and all! Here's a before and after post to show the changes I've made!

Living Room: Before

My friend came to visit!

The living room was the common space/reception that had a cozy seating area, dessert bar, and a gardening corner. Mei was not liking her job as both hostess and florist. She even put a bear in charge of the reception counter.

Living Room: After

I've decided to completely get rid of the gardening area and dedicate the backroom in Eggs' house to a gardening shop instead. This gave me space to design a bigger but cosier seating area filled with wonderful kitschy knick knacks that Mei probably gathered with her mom while vacationing around the world.

Mei's new interior decoration only snagged her a silver HHA trophy
Behind Mei is the signage for the B&B as well as a terribly drawn photo of her and her "mom". I even made it into a puzzle (seen in the pic before) which I thought was a super cute customisation!

There's a little reading nook in the back behind the bookcase with an eclectic selection of chairs.

Right Room / Mei's Room: Before 

That time Freckles came for a surprise visit and Mei forgot to clean up

The room to the right (next to the reception desk) used to be Mei's personal room. I wanted to give all my residents their own room that matched their personality. I imagine Mei as a lonely individual with a vivid imagination. My favourite part of her room was the board game corner with her stuffed animals and hamster friend. Her room was also suited with a lovely kitchen so she could cook up some breakfast for her guests.

Right Room / New Kitchen: After 

The Fueki pot is cute and all until I remembered that Fueki is a glue brand

My favourite part of retro style houses are the kitchens, so I decided to move Mei's room to a smaller room and use this for a fully fitted kitchen that all the guests in the B&B could use. I'm so glad I changed it because I thought Mei's room felt too out of place. I wish there were more retro kitchen items (I don't like the retro fridge in here though), but I'm happy with the way it turned out!

Here's another view of the kitchen. I customised the cafeteria table to white which I thought fit the retro theme really well. Everything in the Gracie Summer set is perfect for the theme so I have them in a few different rooms as well.

Back Room / Guest Room: Before

The back room was the smallest guest room available that was occupied by an artist type. This is actually one of my favourite rooms I've ever made but I couldn't make it fit the rest of the brightly coloured rooms.

Back Room / Mei's Room: After

I really love this size so I decided not to upgrade it (for now). I even followed the same format placing for furniture because I liked it so much. Instead of the easel I put Mei's lovely vanity. I kept her bed but added a hanger rack and a Cinnamonroll table. I'll probably end up switching the bed out to a smaller size and adding an end-table there again... but I realised this town has such a small catalogue that I couldn't find a bed suitable just yet.

Left Room / Guest Room: Before

This is one of the main guest rooms on the bottom floor with almost a full customised alpine set. The room had its own microwave and kitchen set and a random gigantic bear. I love the alpine set because it's so nice to customise, but in the end I decided to scrap it entirely.

Left Room / Guest Room: After

And the end result! I had so much fun mixing and matching furniture for this room. It's a good thing that the game has so many similar shades of orange that it was quite easy to find pieces that would go well together.

I always thought the Garden Table was a great item but it felt weird that there was a hole in the middle (since it's an outdoor furniture item)... but almost any sized item you put on top of it plugs the hole so it just looks like a normal table again! I don't know if I'm going to keep the stained glass because the blue frame doesn't completely match the rest of the furniture other than the Gracie pieces, but I might keep it because it just looks so tacky.

Basement / Bathhouse: Before

This is the one room I was really unhappy with because it was so random and the pieces didn't work very well together. I also love the idea of a bamboo floor but I hate the way it looks as flooring.

Basement / Bathhouse: After

I'm so happy with the way this turned out. It doesn't exactly fit the theme other than being extremely tacky, but I don't care. I took almost everything out of Paolo's RV and made a standing shower and space for a bathtub! Luxury!

Upstairs / Master Suite: Before

Ok this room hasn't changed much at all, mainly because I don't know what to do with it but also because I love it too much and I can't think of anything that could top it, haha.

Upstairs / Master Suite: After

This room seems a lot more mature than the others, so it could possibly be the mother's room. I did want to update it it a little so I replaced the regal bed with the rococo bed and I replaced the tile screen with the violet screen that was in the bamboo room before.

And that's it! The original rooms are still available to view since I wont be updating the DA for a while. Now I need to work on all the other rooms ahhh! I'll do a similar before and after post for the other ones as well.