Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Visits from Bopogon!: House Tours

I'm still too deep into my Fantasy Life world to make any real progress on my town(s), however I did have a visitor over yesterday! A month ago I convinced my friend and coworker to purchase the game after obsessively talking about it at work as usual. It's hard to explain to someone the beauty of Animal Crossing and the connection you will have with the game until you play it for yourself. I found myself saying in paranoia "Don't run or trample on my flowers, or I'll fire you!" Ha-ha. However, having her over and later visiting her own town was a nice change from the quick wifi trades I'm used to. I enjoyed being a tour guide for the day and getting into character!

I didn't take too many photos of her visit to Kiri because I was multitasking and messaging her elsewhere!

Being a terrible boss that I am, I got her character to help me clear some bamboo shoots in my town since it was overrun during my time away. Karma got me instantly and I fell into a hidden pitfall. She hit me the whole time with her shovel as I was struggling!

Afterwards I showed her Mayor Chan's house. We watched some TV with the pups. 

Showing off Chan's recently remodelled kitchen.

Last room in the house, Chan's bedroom! Still a work in progress but I'm happy with the colours and warmth of the room so far. I'm debating whether or not to make a bathroom or to just keep it in her room. 

Before we left for Tinytree I noticed Leif arrived in town once again to remind me to keep my town tidy. 

In my older town Tinytree I gathered up some cedar saplings as a town-warming gift, not before warning her in advance that they can only grow in the Northern part of town. 

First stop on the tour, the mysterious abandoned bus station!

Next I showed her Eggs' cafe house. Good thing there was a gyroid present to serve us. I'm going to remodel the whole main room and back room for the next update once I figure out how I want it to look like in Happy Home Designer. 

At the local deli I accidentally broke a watermelon. I enjoyed showing her different items you can interact with. I wish there were more in the game. 

Checking out the thrift store! These are two new rooms that are not in my current Dream Address update.

Band practice in Eggs' room! 

Lastly, I showed her the bar and busted a few moves. 

Visiting Jules' house! Watching more TV and giving out free prescriptions! 

Next up: finding her a room to stay in Tinytree's bnb!

Crashing Mei's room and testing out her bed too. 

In the end we settled with the most expensive room in the house!

Gave her a massage, on the house. 

Hanging out at the apple orchard. She fell off the log bench. 

Getting drenched. 

Charlie's house!

Chilling by the fireplace. I've been lazy but his room will be remodelled eventually as well!

Showing her some of my hidden picnic spots on the beach! 

The End! 

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