Friday, 26 May 2017

Jules' House: Before & After

Jules' house is the only "realistic house" just for herself. I wanted to keep it small and cozy but still include all the basic amenities of a house. The biggest change is the basement and second floor.

Before: Living room / Kitchen / and Sleeping nook 

Before when I was going with the theme of a true "tiny house" I kept her bed in the main floor right behind the bookshelf and staircase dresser partition. I used the cabin chair to blend in with the exotic set and the furniture.

The corner behind the couch was my records collection and turntable. I hung some of my favourite songs/covers on the wall, ironically none of them were playing and K.K. Lament was used as my main room song (which is also one of my favourites). 

My kitchen is pretty much exactly the way it is before. I just removed the cutting board (having food out kind of bothered me, lol)

After: Living room with a reading nook 

And here's the revamped version. After taking the bed out the "nook" area seemed very deep and hard to decorate, so I decided to put another bookshelf in the back and make it into a little reading nook. I replaced the record corner and put a medicine cabinet and the exotic table that was previously next to the exotic bed. I moved my record collection upstairs but changed the turntable to a phonograph. The minimalist chair now has an ottoman so I can stick my feet out while I watch TV! I replaced the cabin chair with a box stool and a round cushion! Oh yeah, and I adopted a Poogie. 

Before: Bathroom

My bathroom is also the same save for the sink and the floor tiles

After: Bathroom 

I also added the towel basket and moved the towel rack over. There's also a bathrobe hanging by the window. 

Before: Jules' Study 

In the current dream address, the top room is Jules' study/office. It was nautical themed and looked like my grandpa's office rather than something I would use.

After: Jules' bedroom

Jules' closet and changing nook 

I decided to give Jules a room of her own upstairs. I moved her exotic bed upstairs as well as her record collection. I moved the synthesizer in Eggs' basement to Jules' room. I don't play the piano anymore but I've always wanted to be part of a modern funk band so there's my little dream manifested into my game. I actually do play the saxophone but I couldn't find a nice place to put it. I tried to include all of my favourite items in the game, which includes the snail clock, Joyousness by Paul Gaugain, Rococo lamp, and the sapling clock! 

Before: Basement and laundry room

The basement was originally the laundry room and storage room. I had a full screen TV down there (yep the retro one upstairs is just for looks). 

After: Jules' restoration workshop and studio

Jules sells fakes to Redd on the side
Drafting table with a glimpse of her personal collection

Behind the glass partition is the restoration workshop
Jules restoring a decorative plate piece

Despite being the only character with a full house (and an actual job as mayor), I decided to give Jules her own little side job like the other characters as well. Jules' side occupation is a little sketchier. She works in art restoration (one of my many dream jobs as a kid) but also uses her skills to deal forgeries to Redd. The first half of the studio is where she keeps her fakes in storage as well as a nook for her drafting table and personal collection. Through the glass partition is her workshop. I used the tool stand from Cyrus' RV for the paints and I'm just going to pretend those cans of food and items in the medicine cabinet are actually oil paints or something like that. The workshop even has a washout station with some cleaning supplies in the cart! 

Jules' house is very special to me. I have moved around so much and don't have many things to call my own so coming back to this little house makes me happy. It reminds me of my parents' and my childhood home and a house that I would like to live in the future. 

Next up: Eggs and Charlie! 

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